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My Grandma’s Birthday Tarpaulin November 16, 2012

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A few years back, my grandmother requested for a tarpaulin for her birthday. Though I had designed graphics for tarpaulin before, I never made one for a birthday. Luckily, this is not a kiddie one, which is not my style.

There are three basic things I want to achieve in my designs: simplicity, elegance, and distinction.

I use minimal effects on my designs, depending on what the design calls for. Too much effects would seem chaotic. Here I’ve used different layer opacity and some drop shadows (which now I see that it does not match the rest of the design).

My grandmother told me she likes blue. Luckily, this gave me an idea for the color theme (thinking of a good color scheme takes a lot of my time). Hence, I made this monochromatic; the light blue shade gave serenity and calmness in the design, which fits a celebration of long life, with a cursive font to match the elegance.

Thanks to my uncle, I have acquired her pictures in different ages. I’m supposed to include only seven pics, each representing a decade. But Lola insisted that the last one was not the latest one, insisting that she looked differently that time. So I have to include a more recent one, though it had a low resolution.

Low resolution copy of Lola's tarpaulin
Low resolution copy of the tarp

The size of actual file is 3 x 5 feet, 72 dpi.



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